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New Murder Mystery at Twickenham: Literacy detectives workshop, KS2


It’s 1895 and something terrible has happened to England’s captain. There are several suspects—can you help us solve the mystery?

Through an immersive experience, students will step back in time and work as detectives to solve the crime. By using diligent detective skills, analysing a crime scene, piecing back together alibis and cross-examining some key witnesses, students will uncover the true killer. In order to crack the case, students will need to complete a series of literacy based activities and use their best deduction skills to put the right person behind bars.

The fun and learning won’t stop there. Teachers will take home a series of lesson plans produced in collaboration with Be Rugby Magazine. Inspired by their visit, students can write their very own article on the case.

Workshops will last for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Students will then have the opportunity to explore the World Rugby Museum. Minimum 16 students per session. Maximum 36 students per session.

Please note that this is a combined tour and workshop product, where groups will participate in a fun and interactive workshop, visiting areas around the stadium.


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 Small Group (16-19 students)Large Group (20-36 students)
Students (of any age) £15.00 £13.50
Additional Adult £25.00 £22.50
1 supervisory adult per 10 students Free Free


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